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After breeding cats for numerous years and studying their habits we decided to build enclosures for the purpose of keeping our cats safe from other cats, dogs and motor vehicles.

Also the protection of our wildlife was a big consideration. Our Cats being completely indoor cats, this enclosure system has allowed them to enjoy the outdoors as well and are perfectly safe. Aussie cat enclosures are a Queensland based business.

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Grooming Tips

Grooming is vital to keeping your kitten healthy, especially if your kitten is long-haired. Think of the coat as the fur and skin together: You cannot have a healthy coat unless both the skin and fur are…

Help Prevent Cat Hairballs

Cats are fastidious animals. They like things clean and apparently one thing they like clean the most is themselves. Therefore they spend an excess amount of time just grooming. The act of licking themselves…

10 Quality Play Tips for Your Cat

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What people say about us

We had our cat enclosure installed 10 years ago and it’s still going strong. It was installed, ready to use very quickly and the cats love it, they have access to it every day. After all this time it is not showing any signs of wear or deterioration. My son did install shade cloth on the top as the cats were laying in the summer sun and I didn’t want to lose another fur baby to cancer. It’s the best investment we ever made and I highly recommend Aussie Cat Enclosures.

Joy Williams

Awesome enclosure – we bought enclosure E and my two cats are so happy. The photos don’t do it justice – the enclosure was easy to put together, gives them several levels to jump/climb up to and has plenty of room for scratching posts, beds and litter trays. Gives them a great source of exercise and stimulation! We added mats on the bottom and it’s better than a cat hotel. More than that, it was built in under two weeks and weather proofed ready for us to pick up and assemble, and Pat was lovely to deal with and always kept us up to date. So worth the the money, thanks so much guys!

Dani McMeerkat

We just put up our cat enclosures and I just wanted to say how happy we are with the results. Our cats are happy with their two enclosures and they love the long tunnel which links them. They can come and go day or night, and most importantly, they are safe. I would not hesitate to recommend Aussie Cat Enclosures, on price, excellent product and friendly advice. Thank you so much.

Jill Rigby

I had aussie cat enclosures come out, they did an unbelievable, in fact fantastic job on our cat enclosure, when they finished l did not expect what l got they built, designed erected it…..the cats love it. It looks absolutely brilliant. Thanks aussie cat enclosures.

Leisa Kerris Cormie

These cat enclosures and tunnels really make life safe and comfy and interesting for cats! They would be great for rabbits too!

Kim Cooney

Sounds fun we let out cat out on enclosed deck at times but yes yours good

Sue Bishop

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