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Cat Fights – How to Avoid Aggression Between Cats

Your older cat is easy going and slow. She still has a lot of life in her but you’d like to get another cat as well. You know your existing cat is tolerant of children and other pets, but what will happen when you bring the new cat home? It may surprise you, but even...

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How to remove cat urine from carpets

Removing cat urine from carpets or rugs is a whole lot more difficult than from your hardwood floors, tiles or linoleum. No one can pretend that to know why your cat is “doing it” outside his litter box, but there could be many varied reasons. Perhaps he has found a...

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10 Quality Play Tips for Your Cat

Boredom can sometimes be the root of feline behavior problems such as neurotic chewing, compulsive grooming, over eating, and in some cases aggression. Even 15 minutes of quality play with your cat could prove to be beneficial when it comes to improving your cat’s...

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Help Prevent Cat Hairballs

Cats are fastidious animals. They like things clean and apparently one thing they like clean the most is themselves. Therefore they spend an excess amount of time just grooming. The act of licking themselves helps to untangle and remove loose hair. Their tongues are...

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Grooming Tips

Grooming is vital to keeping your kitten healthy, especially if your kitten is long-haired. Think of the coat as the fur and skin together: You cannot have a healthy coat unless both the skin and fur are healthy. Cats naturally maintain well-groomed coats. Look at...

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